Rev. Jeff Reed

“Many consider Dr. S. D. ponraj to be the father of the orality movement in India. Ponraj’s work, Developing Disciples and leaders Among oral learners, is a big step in the right direction in the development of the orality-literacy debate in India. Up until this time in India, oral learning by the Church, as well as instructional material on oral learning, has mainly focused on communicating the gospel and not on maturing believers, establishing churches, or training leaders. This book, based on his very fine dissertation, will begin to change that direction.

Ponraj should be commended for his lifetime work in reaching and teaching oral learners. From his practical work in planting churches to his work in helping lead the future discussion and development of church leaders in understanding the importance and power of the orality-literacy literature and research, we are indebted to his incredible focus on these issues and his sustained labor over many years.”

Rev. Jeff Reed
President, BILD International, Ames, IA USA. Jan. 2015

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