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All books are given for a Donation only and not for sale.  The donation given for the books will go for the free educational ministry of Musahar Dalit children in Bihar State.

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What the Church and Mission Leaders say about MEB Publications

"I appreciate the contributions of Rev. S. D. Ponraj to the noble task of mission and church planting. Ponraj is not an armed chair missiologist, but a seasonal practitioner and strategist. Drawing from the immense wealth of his experiences and academic knowledge that has been applied in concrete situations in North India, Ponraj is adequately equipped to share the truth that he knows with those who are engaged with mission in different settings in our country."
Bishop Dr. C. V. Mathew
Bishop President , St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India-Dec. 2011.
“Rev. Dr. S. D. Ponraj is an anointed teacher for mission-related issues. He has proven this through his thinking, his teachings and his writings. He is not just a preacher but also practices by observing the things that happen in Indian missions and now in Bihar. He has big dreams and visions for this land to raise leaders. His contribution in molding them is remarkable. His talents and grace upon him are being recognized by the universal body of Christ and being used at different levels in different countries.”
Rev. Dr. D. Augustine Jebakumar
General Secretary – GEMS, Biha.
"While India has today many pioneering mission leaders and mission practitioners Rev. Ponraj stands out as the leading writer and publisher on missions in South Asia. He does that writing not from mission library but from mission laboratory, from his forty years of sweat and tears, perseverance and sacrifice. His books present contextual lessons as well as many practical tools for mission practitioners. We pray that these books may serve to inform, inspire and instruct the staff of all missions and churches in South Asia.
Dr. Ebe Sunder Raj
Former Field Director -FMPB, Former General Secretry - IMA, Founder and Chairman - CIM.
“I thank God for the vision given to Rev. Dr. S. D. Ponraj to convert all his mission experiences into learning resources through MEB. There is no doubt that the contributions of Rev. Ponraj made through his publications always give a clearer understanding of the Indian missions. His commitment, hard work and sincere efforts had always been a blessing for emerging missionaries and church planters to identify, understand and plan strategies to plant churches in various mission fields."
Rev. Samuel Christian
Principal, Great Harvest Bible College, Chennai.
“In my early days, I was inspired to learn and grasp the essence of Great Commission work in North India through several of God's servants. One was you, Brother Ponraj and your life you spent in Gujarat mission field, and later you went to Bihar for ministry. Together with a few others we realized that the Lord has put us together for good purposes under North India Harvest Network. It was inspiring to see many ministry networks emerged there, and the lay people got training for their ministry. Your writings and hard work of mission research is not in vain. From seminary students to senior leaders, many workers have used your work. Thank you for the work you did for the Lord in North India.”
Rajesh Tiwari
South Asia Director, Christian Aid Mission, Dehradun, Uttrakhand
“Congratulation Dr. S. D. Ponraj and Mission Educational Books for reaching such a signicant milestone in your ministry! Over many years Nagaland Bible College has been blessed with your books and your inspired teaching and training ministry. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and renew your ministry!
Dr. Mrs. Sentila Ao
Principal, Nagaland Bible College, Mokokchung, Nagaland.
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