Pioneers of the Gospel

“This book is a study of some of the pioneering missionaries who labored for the spread of the gospel in Asia. Bartholomew Ziegenbalg, William Carey, Henry Martyn, Bishop Azariah, Amy Carmichael, Ida Scudder and others. The author has analyzed their life and work and brought out the missionary methods they followed with an application to the Indian mission context. Emphasis is given to the lessons we learn from their life and work.

The questions that we ask today asked by them. Some of the spiritual struggles we undergo were already experienced by them and their examples can teach us how to deal with our own struggles. Thus the life and work of these pioneers become a reference for our understanding of mission in today’s context.” –

Note: Taken from the book wrapper- First printed in 1993, reprinted 1996 and 2010. Over 10,000 copies in circulation.

“Pioneers of the Gospel“ -Wrapper – Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu

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