Dr. Mike Waldner

“I send my warmest greetings and heartfelt congratulations on a job well done for over 30 years of mission ministry, writing, publishing, teaching and other ministries. I have felt and often said to friends, leaders and fellow teachers that I believe you are the most prolic Indian mission author and teacher, and you have been an incredible blessing to many, many leaders and Christians. I Author & Publisher of Mission Books8 remember when I rst came to India in 1991, fresh and eager to teach and minister with an advanced degree but with little India eld experience, that it was your mission books that I discovered early, and used quite extensively for my blossoming teaching ministry, especially since I very much agreed with your teaching from my extensive missiological studies. Your “Church Planting Approach to Mission” and “Church Growth Studies” and other books were such a blessing to me! Thank you so much for being a tremendous help and blessing to me, and to so many others! May God continue to richly bless and use you and MEB!

Dr. Mike Waldner, D.Miss, Missiologist & Missional Trainer, Assemblies of God Church, India and USA

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